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Personal Projects

Tea Towels

Continuing my venture with fabric designs and how I can use the pattern design created. These tea towels have been really popular which is fab! Watch this space for more designs and purchasing opportunities.


Up - Cycled Deckchairs

This recent project has been received really well in a little pop up shop I recently ran by selling out by day two!
Designing/printing and [and my very talented mother in law] making the new slings for these deckchairs was great, the frames were sanded down and treated with non toxic linseed oil, bringing out the colour of the wood beautifully! 


From Plye to Pin tail Longboard

Had great fun doing this personal project for a family member. Designed on illustrator, the deck and the pattern was then cut and etched using both laser and water jet cutters.  

Longboard Designed and made using a laser and water jet cutter

Longboard Designed and made using a laser and water jet cutter

Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 19.15.54.png
Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 19.19.09.png

Coastal Notions, A Hand Made Book.

For a recent exhibition I collected quotes of peoples thoughts and feeling relating to the sea and coastline. They were then compiled into a hand stitched book using found fishing line, alongside images taken of the Gower coastline.